Bracing My Heart…


…For Departures

A good friend has a family apartment in mid-town Manhattan and invited my clan and I, and the family of another BFF, to join her own sweet brood for the holiday.


I love NYC, but not a millioneth as much as I love this friend.


She and her family are moving to Chicago this very month. My throat gets a little balled up each time I think about it and even now as I type these words.

Bracing for their departure.

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So grateful for the time together in her “fortress of solitude.”



…With Creativity and Art. Workshop with J. Kirk Richards

The creative vibe from artists is fuel for my heart. Bracing me up, nourishing me and inspiring me to stretch, reach and push against the outer limits of my comfort zone.

Though I am remedial among these renowned people I get to call friends, everything about this workshop was worth a thousand words. 

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Thank you to Leslie and Julia for organizing it. And Kirk for coming to New England to be with us.


…For June 6th.

This Thursday will mark one year since my father passed away.

Letting loose the flood gates.

I miss him every day.

Unformed Memories

March 24, 2012 by James McGurrin

Many sweet memories
That I cling to, formed
As the songs were sung

Company for my golden years
Preserved with care
They’re all that’ll be left to me

My time is brief and they say
I’ll leave this substantial plane
Go to where the spirits dwell

Future memories for family here
Will continue recording songs that
For me remain unsung

They’ll think of me in reflection
How I would have loved the scene
That stupid joke would make me laugh

And how i will miss being right there
In the moments that are yet to be
But i won’t be entirely absent the scene

And in some new way as the event unfolds
we’re together again, just not as close
We’ll sigh at the change but gradually accept

The piece of each other we embedded within
Lets the song somehow be shared in a virtual way
A memory to form, get stored away, we recall it together
and in its replay it’s as though I was there, that day


The Parting Glass

Fill to me the parting glass
And drink a health whate’er befalls
And gently rise and softly call
Good night and joy be to you all


Love you, Dad.

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  1. I have a pit in my stomach reading this. The date of "Unformed Memories" is also the very same date of Jim's big dunk. You and I are connected in too many ways to be coincidental. We will be together again, there is no doubt about that in my mind. No matter the distance, we will always be connected in our hearts!! I miss you already.



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