Did I Mention We’re Homeschooling?


Yep. We made the leap to homeschooling Gage this year. Too long to explain why (dash me an email if you are really curious), but so far so great. 

We’ve been full throttle since the 26th of August. I am amazed at how much we can accomplish in a day with the one on one instruction.

Our daily schedule looks like this – roughly…

Gage wakes up between 7:45am or 8:00am and gets ready for the day. This is actually about the same time he would get up when he was at the elementary school.

“Classes” start at 8:30am: Piano, Seminary, Math, Spelling.

At around 10:30am we break for a snack outside.

We pick back up at 11:00 – ish with Reading Skills/Language Arts, Free Writing and DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read.)

Then we have recess & lunch - in that order (why not, right?) Together, they last about an hour. However, there are some days when Gage wants to end school early, so we shorten – or eliminate – recess for the day. Depends on his preference.

Afternoons: Science, Humanities and Piano (we start with piano and end with piano.) We’re typically done by 2:00pm each day.

The schedule is pretty much the same Monday – Thursday. Thursdays are test days for Spelling and Math.

Friday, however, is our favorite day of the week because we completely “unschool” that day.

We’re trying to come up with a catchy phrase for our fun filled Fridays. What do you think of these ideas?

Immersion Adventure,

Field Trip Friday, Or

Start a Rabbit Day. My friend Jacqueline, who home schooled one of her children for a few years, coined that rabbit phrase. It comes from the image of “starting a rabbit” and then following it as it zig-zags all over the place. On Fridays, Gage “starts” a question on any subject and then follows the answers to see where his curiosity leads. Cool, huh?

For our first Friday, Gage started the morning with questions about penguins and sharks– so, rather than just Google it, we went to the Aquarium.

image image

We ended up being way more interested in the seals and electric eels. 

image image

By the way, this is what he had for lunch that day.


A huge meatball sub from one of the venues at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

He ate





A week ago, we signed up for an activity with the Koviashuvik Local Living School (pronounced: Ko-Vee-AH-Shoo-Vick) at Broadturn Farm in Maine. Parents are asked to chaperone their kids during the entire day. They didn’t have to twist my arm.

Gage (and I) had a blast continuing construction on a wigwam that had been started the previous week. We also made fresh apple sauce over an open fire with logs which the kids chopped earlier.


We tossed in some elderberries we picked at the farm to give the applesauce a berry twist. imageimage 

So what did we do today?

Gage wanted to learn how to make soda. Chase mentioned we should check to see if family owned and operated Conner Bottling Works – the makers of Squamscot Soda (one of our favorite local drinks) – would let us visit their facility in order to watch how they make and bottle their homemade soda.

When I called, they were thrilled to have us come “study” their business and actually had a whole plan for us when we arrived.

image image

They crank out nearly 600 bottles a day on the same bottling machine the family purchased in 1930.


Did you know that CO2 - the carbonation fizzie stuff – leaks from aluminum and plastic cans more than twice as fast as it does from glass bottles? It’s True…

image  image

…Tom – the main man at Squamscot – said that canned soda companies have to pump their drinks full of CO2 in order for their sodas to stay as bubbly as glass bottled ones.

We each got one fresh off the machine. Slainte!


So far, homeschooling has been incredible. Not sure we are going to continue beyond this year, but for now we are loving it.


If you are Interested in some of the curriculum we are using, here are a few links.

All in One Homeschooling.

Khan Academy

Home Spelling Words

LDS Seminary


  1. 1. You are the coolest mom ever.
    2. I adore you and your family.
    3. I loooove squamscot soda!!!


  2. We home school our girls as well. I love it so far and find I get more excited about things than the girls do. LOL I am glad you are loving it as well.
    Kelly Gish

  3. What a super experience for you both. Any extra credit at Harvard for being a "teacher at home"? Love you!

  4. Ditto on Gabe. Your boys are THE LUCKIEST sons in the ENTIRE world. I swear you are the very best mom ever (although I really do adore and love and worship my own mom...but you are right up there with her as an exceptional mom!!). Seriously.

  5. Sounds wonderful Shannon. Makes me wistful for bygone days of Hughes Homeschool...

  6. Love this! Looks like it's a winning arrangement for everyone.



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